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SKOT Transformers

FT Transformers is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of Power Transformers, Line Reactors, Chokes and Power supplies

Specialised Wound Components & Specialised Enclosures

Complimentary to the range of dry type, cast resin and oil filled transformers, FT also design and manufacture bespoke specialised wound components.

These include air and iron cored reactors, shunt reactors, current limiting reactors, damping reactors, tuning reactors, arc- suppression reactors, DC smoothing, inter-phase and inter-bridge Reactors

Transformers and reactors for motor starting applications, particularly tapped aut0wound transformers for Korndorfer pattern starters.

All transformers and reactors can be housed in cutting edge protective enclosure suited to the most hostile environmental conditions from IP21 to IP65 class.

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