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SKOT Transformers

FT Transformers is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of Power Transformers, Line Reactors, Chokes and Power supplies

Special Application Components

FT Transformers manufacture large filtering reactors used in wind turbines.

FT Transformers produce a wide range of dry type transformers for large industrial purposes including drive, rectifier and furnace applications. The transformers can be designed to comply with national and international standards.

This range is constructed using class H insulation materials in the parts of the transformer that see elevated temperatures. (The windings and adjacent materials).

These materials are able to withstand temperatures in excess of 300°C for short periods of time providing substantial resistance to thermal shock.

FT Transformers supply transformers for shipboard use, submersibles and Military applications. Transformers can be designed to meet the requirements of BS3399, Lloyds, DNV and other marine specifications.

We have supplied transformers up to 1MVA that have been short circuit tested and type tested to BS171 1978 in accordance with DNV rules. We also supply transformers up to 4kV for remote operation of submersibles also tested in accordance with DNV rules.

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